Some Bullshit Context Edit

Caillou is a shitty show made by a bunch of cunts that thought a bratty kid would teach kids "life lessons". Instead it made kids into bratty ass kids. I fucking hate the show and so does other parents.

The Episode Itself Edit

the useless episode that nobody fucking wanted, but it exists anyways Edit

I rode my shitty razor scooter to a dumpster to look for food because I'm homeless, since my parents kicked me out because I'm straight. Yeah.. straightphobic parents. Anyways in the middle of dumpster diving, I found a DVD of Caillou. Me being extremely autistic grabbed the DVD. I broke into someone's house, kidnapped their cat because I'm Shane Dawson's cousin. I threw the DVD into the DVD player, which was really an Xbox so I'm gonna play Halo once this is done. The normal Caillou theme song played. "Excuse me? This is a creepypasta it's supposed to be a weird intro!" it seemed like the DVD heard me because the theme song changed to G Major. Then the episode started. Caillou had a full head of hair, he was very fat.Rosie was also there, for some reason Rosie lives in Caillou's apartment. Rosie was seizing on the ground, Caillou couldn't deal with it so he just defenestrated Rosie out of the 20th story. I was shocked. He didn't throw himself out the window!! Caillou then went onto his computer, and played World Of Warcraft. A transition happened. "1 year later.." Caillou was thin as fuck, like you can see his bones. He said "I'm sick of living" so he threw himself out the window. Then a skeleton popped out of the screen.

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